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Vanilla JavaScript

The bedrock of the web. It's not just about basics; mastering vanilla JS means understanding the core of front-end development. Jobs in this area are about getting down to the nitty-gritty, optimizing performance, and writing clean, efficient code.


The poster child for modern web development. React jobs are all about building dynamic, high-performance user interfaces. Companies love React for its component-based architecture, making it a go-to for scalable, complex applications.


The full-package framework. Angular gigs often involve working on large-scale, enterprise-level apps. It's about harnessing TypeScript's power, mastering MVVM, and diving deep into things like dependency injection.


The progressive framework. Vue.js is all about versatility and ease of integration. Jobs in this space are often with teams looking for a lightweight, adaptable solution for their UIs, offering a blend of the best parts of React and Angular.

Backbone and Ember

The old guards. While not as hyped as they once were, Backbone and Ember still have their niches. Jobs here are about maintaining and improving existing applications, requiring a deep understanding of these frameworks' intricacies.

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